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Czech CBD

HHC Cookies with chocolate chips, 200 mg HHC, 10 pieces

HHC Cookies with chocolate chips, 200 mg HHC, 10 pieces

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Indulge in a delicious symphony of flavors with our delicious HHC chocolate chip cookies! Elevate your snacking experience and embark on a blissful journey with every bite. With 200 mg of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) in a pack of 10 delicious pieces, our cookies are the perfect treat for those seeking a euphoric burst.

Our HHC cookies are made with precision and care and are a testament to our commitment to quality. Each cookie is made in the beautiful Czech Republic and produced using only the finest ingredients. We start with a base of flour, butter and water to create a soft and crumbly texture that melts in your mouth. But that's not all - our secret ingredient, MCT oil, adds a soft and velvety dimension to the cookie and takes the taste to a new level.

But the star of the cookie is undoubtedly the chocolate chips. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, gooey cookie and then being greeted by delicious, velvety chocolate chips. Each bite is a joyous celebration of flavors as the chocolate blends with the cookie to create a symphony of pleasure that dances on your taste buds.

And now comes the best part: we've perfected the art of infusing the cookies with 200mg of HHC to guarantee an unparalleled bliss experience. HHC is a phenomenal compound that shares similarities with THC, but doesn't contain THC itself. What does that mean? It means you can enjoy every bite of our HHC cookies without any unwanted psychoactive effects. So you can enjoy the flavors, bask in the relaxation, and experience pure, unadulterated joy without worrying about mind-altering experiences.

Each pack contains 10 euphoric cookies, making our HHC cookies the ideal companion for any occasion. Whether you want to relax after a long day or just treat yourself to a happy escape from reality, these cookies are your golden ticket to calm. Share them with your friends or keep them all to yourself - the choice is yours.

So why wait? Let our HHC chocolate chip cookies transport you to a world of happiness and wonder. Made with love and passion in the Czech Republic, each bite embodies the essence of perfection. Experience the harmony of flavors, the seduction of chocolate and the euphoria of HHC. Take a leap of pleasure and treat yourself to a cookie experience like no other. Embrace the joy, enjoy the calm and let our HHC cookies become an integral part of your moments of pure happiness.

Ingredients: Hexahydrocannabinol 20 mg/pc, flour, butter, water, MCT oil, sugar, salt

Contains no THC

Package content: 10 pieces

Made in the Czech Republic

Sales partners:


Tovarni 9,

37001 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

Note: Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. May cause drowsiness. May be contraindicated if taking certain medications - consult a doctor before use.

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frequently asked Questions

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a naturally occurring cannabidiol. Therefore, it is not suitable for children and young people. If you buy a product from us, I would ask you to continue to keep the products safe from children and young people. Please also note our medical disclaimer.

How long does shipping take and how is it done?

Shipping takes place within the EU within 4 to 5 days. You will receive discreet packaging in which the sender and not the company name can be identified. Shipping is completely neutral. It may happen that you receive a box that has already been used. This is our small contribution to our environment and saves CO2.

I don't know what to do, what do I need to consider?

Please read the product descriptions and instructions before use.