Packaging Ordinance

Packaging Ordinance from HHC-Shop24

HHC Shop24 only uses high-quality packaging material that protects the goods from damage on the way to you. It is very important to us that the environment is also protected! That is why our packaging is mostly made of recycled paper, because this way we conserve natural raw material reserves!

But we go one step further. We also ensure that the packaging we use is recycled after use. For this endeavor, we have a competent partner with many years of experience in recycling on board - Duale System Deutschland GmbH.

Packaging Ordinance

Our registration number at Friedrich Bähr GmbH & Co. KG is 01547

Help us protect the environment! As a consumer, you also have the option of putting the packaging in the waste paper collection. Bring our boxes with you to the next waste paper collection or throw them in the paper bin! By the way: adhesive tape, labels or small amounts of film do not interfere with the recycling process! So you can leave them on. We would be delighted if you could join us in making a major contribution to keeping our environment clean!